Lately, I’ve been discovering some amazing geeky fashion blogs.  Set to Stunning is one of the best. Today these lovely ladies showed us this one of a kind dress: I love it!  Such a creative and unique way to dress up in geek chic!  I think it is a fabulous inspiration for geeky bridesmaid dresses. Travel […]

Heyo! HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN?!?  I don’t know.  A long time.  See, back in September I started a new (super awesome fabulous) job, and I’ve been so, so busy since then.  As a result, Winged Monkeys had to take a back seat.  BUT HAVE NO FEAR!  I’m back. When I last left you, I […]

I have returned from what is always a whirlwind trip to the SDCC!  We had such a blast this year, and it will take more than one post to share it all with you!! I did want to share my newest obsession/inspiration for geeky art.  Her name is Agnes Garbowska, and she makes the most […]

For the few followers and readers I have so far – I’m working on getting all my social media rolled out before I start posting here. I’ll have a Pinterest account and Facebook page in the near future. I’ll also be at Geek Mecca (aka The San Diego Comic Convention) in just 4 days!! This […]